Web Design & Development
ARI Annual Report


In the Summer of 2015 I was employed as a web designer and developer to create a responsive, interactive online annual report for the Applied Research & Innovation Department at Humber College.

Identifying Challenges & Target Audience

The first thing that we did was sit down with our clients to talk about the project. By asking the right questions we were able to identify the problem they were having and understand who their target audience was. The problem was that they were only able to target a small number of individuals when the annual report was a printed catalog. By having the report an online, interactive product they hoped to reach a larger audience, gaining more interest in new research projects for the future.

Research & Branding


The next step was looking at similar digital products so we could see different ways that information was displayed and organized. We paid close attention to the use of infographics, how metrics were displayed, information architecture and interactive elements. We looked at the ARI report from the previous year to see how they displayed there information in a linear printed formats. We then began our brainstorming session coming up with the best UI / UX design solution that would suite our specific challenges.


The annual report features two different programs, one is the ARI and the other is HumberLaunch. Both these departments have their own brand identity that they wished to maintain, and both wanted to be featured equally in the report. The final digital product would be hosted on the Humber site therefore we sat down with the Humber Branding department to talk about branding guidelines so that the hand off would be effortless.


Communication was very important throughout this process. Once we had a clear idea of the information architecture we created a wireframe of the site that visually reflected the written information provided to us by our clients. This way the client could see how each section would be represented on the site and the overall structure and flow of information.



The ARI annual report begins with a homepage that includes a letter from the dean and the option to explore either the ARI or the HumberLaunch reports. This sets the tone for the site and emphasized to new users that the ARI and HumberLaunch are different programs within the Research department. To provide the best user experience both the ARI and the HumberLaunch reports are accessible from one another's navigation without the need to return to the homepage.
View the full site here.